Bullion - The Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle. A Leda Entertainment game

Quick Facts

Leda Entertainment Ltd.
Based in the United Kingdom

Release Date:
Early 2023

Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC

Business: info@ledaentertainment.com Press: press@ledaentertainment.com



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Yarr! Bullion - The Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle is the new local multi-player brawler from Leda Entertainment. With a motley cast of bovine buccaneers and a unique competitive/cooperative gameplay style, Bullion aims to evoke the same feeling of friendly rivalry as the classic "couch" multi-player games from the SNES and N64 era.

Previously a mobile-focused studio, Leda Entertainment changed direction following finding that a local two-player demo of platform-racer "Bopscotch" - created purely for expos - was getting more interest than the mobile versions it was supposed to be promoting! This decision was backed up by a successful Xbox 360 launch of Bopscotch, putting social gaming first and foremost in the design for our next game.

Alongside this, we wanted to create something a bit different from the typical "first past the post" or "last man standing" mechanics of local multi-player games. Memorable characters and slapstick, family humour were also high on our "must-have" list... the result is Bullion, with its crew of pirate bulls and cows - Long John Silverside, Admiral Mootilda, Bovy Jones and others - and competitive play (only the pirate with the most treasure survives) blended with cooperative elements (if all players are dead at the same time, the game ends with no winner) to create a new local-multi-player game with huge potential for family fun, social nights in with friends and couch rivalry*.

Disclaimer: Leda Entertainment will not be held responsible for any loss of friendship, "not talking anymore" to siblings or any other fall-outs caused by playing Bullion...




Event Pack

Download event pack - a ZIP file containing game information, logos, screenshots and renders for use at events where Bullion is on display.